Stay Where You Are is a year-long project in which four artists and writers pause to reflect on the appeal of the local
Stay Where You Are Summary
About / December 12, 2014

Stay Where You Are may have come to an end, but the work, we are pleased to say, is staying put for a little while longer. Over the course of this past year, Jem Finer, Lavinia Greenlaw, Jay Griffiths and Ben Rivers have explored the liberations, and limitations, afforded by their embrace of all things local. Ranging from politically engaged explorations of home to dream-like journeys through a filmmaker’s flat, and from a sequence of almost painfully lucid poems to an unfolding sequence of musical compositions, this website now stores the rich results of this project’s deceptively austere premise.

Each of our contributors has produced a coherent body of work. In keeping with the spirit of the brief, however, these texts and short films make the most of the ready-at-hand material: immediate environments, personal objects and momentary thoughts.

These works, therefore, are a record of change – a fact made beautifully apparent with the benefit of hindsight, each instalment in the four-stage calendar reflecting the season in which it was made. Finely aware of the minute grain of present-tense experience, but keeping the broad sweep of the seasons very much in view, each of our contributors has captured the cyclical nature of time. The works’ changing moods, visual and sonic textures, weathers and patterns of language reflect how the wider world, and our relationship to it, is always moving forward, even when it appears most still.

Some shared interests have emerged over the course of the year, as the contributors begin to react and respond to each other’s projects. Among these is the notion of home: a place – not always physical – of shelter, identity and belonging, but also danger, estrangement and sorrow. If Stay Where You Are has a home, it is surely, for the time being, here: this website, these works.